Welcome to RandyElliottArt.com
It appears that you just have to have something that you've seen on this site, or maybe you're curious about another piece that is not pictured here? I have a lot of art available for sale. It would take a herculean effort on my part to get it all up on the site, so I suspect that will never happen!

Fear not…

Shoot me off an email and I can poke around and see if I do have the piece that you just need to own.

To make matters easier, the following stuff is NOT for sale unless you're a wealthy investment banker with a ridiculous amount of disposable income and are willing to make me an offer that I can't refuse:

Bionicle pages (I'd be happy to recreate any page for you, though!)
Bart Sears X-O, Turok (I'd be happy to recreate any of these pages for you…)
The Cheese Stands Alone (My kids will be heading off to college soon, and I may auction it off at that point!)
Paladin en-Vec ( See above comment for the Cheese…)
Rommel from Battlefront

Most of the comic pages can be had for $75-$100. At this point, I don't have them broken down or priced out. Some of the stuff goes for more, like the Stormwatch stuff, but we can work that out.

The average CCG painting will run around $400, with the MTG cards going a bit higher. My other paintings will vary in price and we can discuss these on an individual basis, but they won't be any cheaper than the CCG images. (Ninety-nine percent of my paintings are oils on illustration board and vary in size.)

Eventually, I plan to set up a store where I'll put the pages and paintings up to make it easier for you guys to buy stuff without going through the hassle of emailing me. Until then, this way will just have to work!

I can accept PayPal, checks or money orders for payment. My prices include domestic postage & handling. I ship via USPS. If you require international shipping or have some other special delivery requirements, we'll discuss the additional fee.

Thanks for buying my stuff, from me! All proceeds will go directly to the artist!